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The star turn at V.

A is actually the Indri. Locals call them babakoto recalling a myth of how this lemur saved a dying boy called Koto. Like aye-ayes, these high-canopy-dwelling black-and-white lemurs are not easy to see, yet at around 10am, as the sun scythes through the treetops, they reveal themselves with one of the most striking calls in nature: a prolonged and ear-splitting whale-song reminiscent of a New Age CD. My sense of anticipation rises palpably upon finally reaching the Indian Ocean coast. This is a small private reserve and a few aye-ayes have been relocated here as a last resort, after being removed from environments where they faced persecution.

I skip onto the beach, my mm lens locked and loaded.

Unconventionally Adorable And Extremely Rare: Denver Zoo Welcomes Baby Aye-Aye

Hold on. This is ridiculously easy? But mostly I just stand there, dumbstruck, gazing at a creature that e-fits the devil, unable at first to lift my camera. As their long bony fingers grasp the coconuts, I also see their elongated middle digit: It truly is twice the length of the others. Also, of the seven aye-ayes, one is actually a youngster born on the island—a very positive sign for their conservation. After our group leaves, they will slink back into forest undisturbed and resume more traditional hunting techniques.

In balance, low-impact tourism is a necessary price to pay to safeguard the future of this unique critter. Just before departing, I received a long piercing stare from the ghostly face of one of them. Contributors About. Arrow Island is a letter of reassurance to my depressed-teenage-queer-self, that says her life has meaning and potential.

Her feelings matter. She will be taken in and accepted. I was listening to a lot of Nirvana around the time, so I was messing around with a fake chorus pedal effect in GarageBand when I wrote this one. In particular, it was my childhood best friend. We spent so much time together and had this connection as kids, people thought we were related. Jade : During a dark time in my life, I relied a lot on crystals, especially Black Tourmaline , which was said to ward off negative energy from outside forces and restore purity.

The things that once gave me joy now seemed to only contribute to my sadness. He lies awake desperately trying to remember what it sounded like and feeling utterly defeated. He was on a quest to recapture the moment. I was sick of falling into the same patterns, falling in love with those who had more power than me; I was clinging onto rainstorms that perpetually had me falling and sinking down the drain.

Mars : When I was 18, I was so depressed and sank so low.

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But I scored my first job at a Maybelline factory near my hometown in Arkansas. It was pretty miserable. You can buy it here. Website Design by Atomic Smash , Bristol. Features Conversations Songs Albums Menu. Features Conversations Songs Albums. Egyptologist Bob Brier suggested that Ay murdered Tutankhamun in order to usurp the throne, a claim which was based on X-ray examinations of the body done in He also alleged that Ankhesenamun and the Hittite prince she was about to marry were also murdered at his orders.

Ambjaay - Uno (Official Video)

The National Geographic forensic researchers instead presented a new theory that Tutankhamun died from an infection caused by a badly broken leg since he is often portrayed as walking with a cane due to spina bifida , a hereditary trait in his family on his father's side.

The evidence Brier presents for the murder is a dark spot on the base of the skull, indicating a blow to the head. Gerald Irwin agrees with Brier on this point. When the results of the CT scan examination had been published, many scientists accepted its findings, but some still believe the mystery of Tutankhamun's death is far from solved and continue to support the older murder theory. There are books that have subsequently been published that adhere to the original murder theory and dispute the conclusions reached by the CT scan team, though also citing other means of murder, such as poisoning.

Tutankhamun's death around the age of 18 or 19, together with his failure to produce an heir, left a power vacuum that his Grand Vizier Ay was quick to fill: Ay is depicted conducting the funerary rites for the deceased monarch and assuming the role of heir. The grounds on which Ay based his successful claim to power are not entirely clear. The Commander of the Army, Horemheb , had actually been designated as the "idnw" or "Deputy of the Lord of the Two Lands" under Tutankhamun and was presumed to be the boy king's heir apparent and successor.


Since he was already advanced in age upon his accession, Ay ruled Egypt in his own right for only four years. During this period, he consolidated the return to the old religious ways that he had initiated as senior advisor and constructed a mortuary temple at Medinet Habu for his own use. Hence, Ay's precise reign length is unknown and he could have ruled for as long as seven to nine years, since most of his monuments and his funerary temple at Medinet Habu were either destroyed or usurped by his successor, Horemheb.

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Prior to his death, Ay designated Nakhtmin to succeed him as pharaoh. However, Ay's succession plan went awry, as Horemheb became the last king of Egypt's 18th Dynasty instead of Nakhtmin.

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The fact that Nakhtmin was Ay's intended heir is strongly implied by an inscription carved on a dyad funerary statue of Nakhtmin and his spouse which was presumably made during Ay's reign. Egyptologists Aidan Dodson and Dyan Hilton observe that the aforementioned statue:. Since there is no other evidence for Nakhtmin as a Viceroy—with another man [Paser I] [1] attested in office at this period as well—the latter suggestion seems the most likely. As Nakhtmin donated items to the burial of Tutankhamun without such a title, it follows that he only became a King's Son subsequently, presumably under Ay.

This theory is supported by the evidence of intentional damage to Nakhtmin's statue, since Ay was amongst the Amarna pharaohs whose memories were execrated under later rulers.

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It appears that one of Horemheb's undertakings as Pharaoh was to eliminate all references to the monotheistic experiment, a process that included expunging the name of his immediate predecessors, especially Ay, from the historical record. Horemheb desecrated Ay's burial and had most of Ay's royal cartouches in his WV23 Tomb Wall paintings erased while his sarcophagus was smashed into numerous fragments.

It still preserved Ay's cartouche.

Had She Been Aye | Ivan Drever

The sarcophagus had been buried under debris in this king's tomb. Wherever a cartouche has been preserved, the name of Eye [i. In all but a single instance had it been overlooked and no change made. Thus the temple, which Eye had begun and finished, at least in the rear rooms with their fine paintings, was usurped by his successor and was thenceforth known as the temple of Harmhab. Seals on stoppers of wine jars from the temple magazines read: "Wine from the temple of Harmhab".

Hence, he would be the uncle of pharaohs Akhenaten and possibly Smenkhkare , assuming Smenkhkare was Akhenaten's brother rather than his son.

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